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Chris  Marcone U32713
A Dorm 1132 single
Baker C.I.Workcamp
20706 U.S. Hwy 90
Sanderson FL 32087

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Part of our program is demonstrating what it feels like to be driving intoxicated.By walking a straight line and wearing fatal vision goggles.You will see and feel what a drunk driver sees and  feels. 
A police officer gives a demonstration 
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   Texting and Driving
Parents and teens,please take the time and watch this video.
This video is can be graphic Watch Video
This is the story of Chris Marcone a young man whose life was changed one evening when he got behind the wheel of car after drinking. His life was changed as was his families as well as an innocent family that was in the wrong place at the wrong time. 

Chris's father tells the story in the hopes to help other people avoid the same mistakes and the pain that he has experienced. Every parent and young driver needs to see this video. Please share it with others and help Barry Marcone in his efforts to help people learn lessons from this tragic story instead of having their own story
I Would like to thank the U.S  Army  in Fort Richardson Alaska for giving Driving Sober To Save A Life the opportunely to present to over 2600 troops  It was a great Honor and a privledge to be able to speek to our Troops
Going to a party and don't have a safe ride ride home. Here are are a couple ways to get you home safe:
Two men turn tragedies into positives and save lives in the process....
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Dad's guilt finds purpose
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      In Memory of Shelby Hagman
DUI Speaker :
Looking for a great speaker for your school, event or organization? Someone who can really make a difference with teens and parents or bring a power full message to your event.ull message

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Driving Sober would like to Thank 
Walmart / Walmart  Foundation  for their supportFir
The Jefferson awards
         presented to
Barry Marcone  Of
 Driving Sober to save a life read story
It is with great sadness we announce the passing of Barry Marcone, founder of Driving Sober to Save a Live.
Barry's efforts and dedication to raise awareness of the dangers of driving under the influence will continue-please check back for updates.