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My name is Chad Mattson, inmate #Q24105. I’m currently incarcerated in the Florida Department of Corrections. I’m currently housed at the Blackwater River Correctional Facility in Milton, FL. I’m nearly two years into a fifteen year sentence for committing an act you relentlessly work to prevent: DUI manslaughter. My world forever changed on September 28, 2009 when I got behind the wheel on an alcohol fueled afternoon. A reckless, yet completely avoidable decision ended the life of a fifteen year old boy, and instantly manufactured chaos in the lives of so many others. Now confined behind the walls of prison, I’m fighting to spread my message in hope of preventing someone else from becoming another CHAD MATTSON. It was in a Panama City, FL courtroom that I was told my debt to society would come in the form of a fifteen year prison sentence. Well, I’ve never allowed myself to look at it that way. I believe the real debt is putting my heart and soul into exposing the real-life consequences of Drinking 
 and driving. I’m inspired by what Safe Teen Driver is doing to not only make a difference on our roads and highways, but your dedication to saving lives! Sadly, I know what it’s like to make this catastrophic, tragic choice. It’s now a nightmarish reminder, coupled with unrelenting pain that is fueling my desire to become a difference maker in the fight to ELIMINATE drinking and driving. More than anything else, I want people to see just how severe the consequences of this potentially fatal decision can be…by taking a long hard look at how my life is today. If afforded the opportunity, I truly believe I will articulate a powerful message, and paint a more vivid picture of this harsh reality I now call life, better than anyone else can. I refuse to sit in prison and do this tie quietly. How can I, when I know that at this very moment, someone is about to make the same devastating choice as I did?? The answer is simple: I CANT and I WONT!! I have some great ideas on raising awareness, along wi!ntion and self-accountability concepts. I look forward to learning more about the incredible things Safe Teen Driver is doing in the community today. I hope to hear from you in the very near future. Thank you for allowing me to share with you. God Bless.

​Chad Mattson

September 28, 2010
For most people, what was just another day, September 28th for me had an another Day In reality, it brought one of the most astounding beautiful days, weather wise one, of the best the entire year. The day can only be described as what I refer to as a beautiful nightmare. It has been one year to the day that I made the most horrible decision of my life. I chose to get behind the wheel of my car, after a day of drinking, which produced a catastrophic end result. Many lives were forever changed by my extremely selfish actions that afternoon. One year later, the haunting reminder of the irrevocable devastation I created still cuts deep into my heart like a knife. Personal acceptance, as well as forgiveness, has been the most difficult emotional battle I have ever fought. If I possessed the power to change the outcome on that day, a family would have never been forced to mourn the loss of their son, and I would not be writing about this tragedy today. If granted only one wish in this life, it would be without hesitation, to trade places with Taylor Smith. I realize it is one wish I will never see come true. Now, confined behind the concrete walls and rows of razor wire in prison, I have embarked upon the journey down my road to redemption. I truly believe that opportunity is often disguised in the form of misfortune and temporary failure. God has given me the most significant challenge of my life, and that is to transform the worst kind of negative into something extraordinarily positive. I am not exactly certain what God has planned for the rest of my life, but I assure you this much, I am following His instructions whole-downheartedly. Prison has afforded me a rare opportunity to reflect on all the things I thought I already knew. The most devastating thing that has happened in my life has become the most important lesson I could ever learn. There is no greater desire in my life than to pour my heart and soul into reaching out and potentially changing the course of another person's life. It is my belief that example is not the main ingredient in influencing others - it is the only one! Making a complete example of myself, while exposing the irreversible consequences that drinking and driving can manufacture, is now my mission in life. If, in doing so, I can save just one life and prevent one person from being forced to walk in the shoes I now wear, then this tragedy will not have been in vain. I am asking you now that instead of praying for my well being, pray for God to continually provide comfort, peace and strength in the lives of the Smith family. I want to personally thank each and every one of you for all of the encouragement, love and prayers you have provided for the Mattson family as well. Thank you for taking the time to allow me to share this with you.
God Bless, Chad Mattson
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 "Hello, my name is Chadd Mattson". This is Chadd's story written by Chadd in his own words to explain to every one, his story and how he is learning to cope and know is dedicated his life to help others not to make the same mistake as he did. Please take  the time and read all of his stories. ~ Barryall
MOTIVATION!!!!!      Written by Chadd Mattson November 2012itten

MOTIVATION......Merriam-Webster's dictionary defines this word as "the act of a force, stimulus, or influence." I believe this "force" being referred to cultivates directly from within the prison. We typically see admiration and desire propelling these driving forces in our lives. So what if I told you that it's adversity and and hostility that represent the most empowering components of what is now my personal motivation. My focus is renewed each and every morning that I open my eyes to another day in prison. Trust me when I say that life, even at it's fullest length, is far too short to spend even a single day of it behind these walls. It's been said, that if you can learn from hard knocks, you can also learn from soft touches. Hypothetically speaking, I am fighting to become that, "soft touch" in the lives of others. The greatest piece of advice I could ever give is this: sometimes pausing for a second before acting, can save you a LIFETIME of consequences. I guess that leads me to my next question...... What's the driving motivation in my life today? For me, it's witnessing pain transform into progression, and pushing progression until progression becomes REDEMPTION, while giving everything I've got to the ultimate goal of saving as many lives as we possibly can! That's my motivation......WHAT'S YOURS???
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